3 Ways to Win a FREE Copy of Our New Book About Social Media Marketing

You can win a FREE copy of our new book What Is Social Media Today? Get Ready to Win the Game of Social Media.

Here are 3 ways you can win:

  1. Enter on the home page of www.whatissocialmediatoday.com.
  2. Enter on the home page of Amazon No. 1 bestselling author Catherine Carrigan www.catherinecarrigan.com. 
  3. Enter on Goodreads, the largest social media site for readers and authors, at this link.

Get Ready to Win the Game of Social Media teaches a fun and effective way of marketing your business, book, coaching practice or product.

We’ll be giving away 10 FREE copies – all you have to do is enter today!

Here’s what reviewers have been saying about our new book:

” Easy to read, understand, and believe. Get one and get 😃. Catherine is in command. Listen to her wisdom born of experience.” Ben Boyd Jr.

“Easy to read and comprehend. If you want to succeed social media is where it is at and this book is a great guide to harnessing it for your business.” Henry H. Edmunds

If you’ve ever wanted or needed to build a social media presence but felt overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, this book answers the following questions:

  • What If You’re Not a Geek?
  • Why Do You Need a Social Network?
  • How To Build Your Brand Identity with Your Blog
  • How to Make A Ritual of Connecting with Your Social Network
  • What Happens If You Do Nothing in the Social Media?
  • Speak English Please, I’m Not a Computer Want to Learn More About How to Win the Game of Social Media?

Read Get Ready to Win the Game of Social Media and find out how to become a social media genius!

PLUS find a coupon for $500 off our next program here at  www.whatissocialmediatoday.com.

Want to learn more about how you can Win the Game of Social Media?

Putting all this together takes time and is part of creating a successful social media strategy.

Join Catherine Carrigan and Ramajon Cogan at www.whatissocialmediatoday.com and we will show you how! Call Catherine Carrigan today at 678-612-8816 or email catherine@catherinecarrigan.com or contact Ramajon Cogan at (928) 821-4553 or email wheresramajon@gmail.com.

You can watch a FREE video with author Catherine Carrigan on Maxine Taylor’s radio show by clicking the Youtube video below.

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